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Fililng with Netcentrics : did I miss something?

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  • Fililng with Netcentrics : did I miss something?

    Greetings -
    I've been using Netcentrics (Outlook add-in) for a while and do appreciate the 'automation' aspect of it. Having said so, I'm stuck with what I believe is a restriction in file management.
    Let me try to explain :
    I have created a series of folders on my hard drive for Project Support Material and General Reference; I store attachments and/or email contents according to their value for either my projects or future reference.
    I'm stuck with a tedious 'save as' process here since Netcentrics only allows to save within Outlook (unless I missed something).
    Can anyone point me to my mistake (if any) or to an efficient workaround?
    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Sorry for the typo


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      Hi Marc,

      That looks to be the case. I just checked my demo copy of the GTD Outlook Add-In. Looks like you would have to right click on the attachments in the email and select "Save All Attachments" to save those to a location outside of Outlook.

      To save the whole message as .msg or .html format, you can go File>Save As to save it to a location outside of Outlook.