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Question for paper people-what do you take where?

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  • Question for paper people-what do you take where?

    A friend of mine pointed out, when I was gripping about the weight of my planner, that I did not need to have the @home next action list in the planner I take every where. She said, if you are out and you need to capture a n/a for @home just put in on IN and then process @home.

    I do 90% of my processing and reviewing at home anywhere. But I panicked at the thought of making this separation...

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    I have a paper planner myself and I don´t leave @job actionslist at my job when leaving the office at the end of the day.. do you???

    I carry those list with me in my Filofax...

    My answer to you are, I carry ALL my context list with me in my planner.


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      Just having your lists with you should not add much bulk surely? I bet you have a lot of reference material with you if the planner is bulky right? That's where I would look to lighten the load or even separate out.