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Centro to Blackberry Curve changeover - my experience

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  • Centro to Blackberry Curve changeover - my experience

    Okay first installment:

    Am using NextAction! rather than PocketInformant now. PocketInformant seemed good for task management but NextAction allow view by context group which is better than just viewing tasks grouped by context. Changing context is very easy in NextAction!. The only gripe is not being able to create post dated tasks that only appear in the future, which I could do on the Centro with Keysuite. I contacted NextAction and they said they would consider it in an upgrade but I'm not holding my breath. There is also a application that allows a sync between the Net Centrics add in and NextAction but I don't really need that. I only really need the add in for work tasks and am in front of the computer with Outlook for those anyway. Have now renamed my contexts in a long list of @@@ task, @@ tasks and @ tasks to get the order I want above all the other note and contact categories. The age old trick and of course it works. There's a someday tag for tasks in NextAction which is nice to have but doesn't sync to Outlook.

    Using ActionPad for notes also produced by same company as above. Very similar for category navigation. Works very well. Can't hide private notes but can individually encrypt confidential notes. Not as good as Palm notes but at least me confidentially data can't be seen by anyone who steals my phone or gets in my blackberry folders on the laptop. I don't sync my notes to Outlook on a routine basis. Not sure how the encryption would work with outlook notes.

    Using Calender Pro instead of the the blackberry standard calender. I like this calender more than the Palm or Keysuite calender. The only problem is that it changes unbusy activites to busy in the outlook which is a bit confusing to people who I share my calender with. Am trying to find a work round for this.

    Contacts in blackberry is really excellent. And I love the fact that I can go from any telephone number in a note or action to calling that number on the phone so easily.

    Email I still don't use much as most of my work life I'm in the office and I don't want to be a slave to email in my social time. May change in the future when I do more travel over the next six months.

    Love the web surfing. Love being able to use wifi. Camera is good by my reckoning. Looking forward to Evernote use but still haven't got to grips with this. Trying to use something called Bugme which alarms you within a period of time, but so far not worked out how it works - could be useful. Also using SecretDiary which I like.

    Battery life is good.
    All in all I am happy so far, even with some minusses against the old Palm Centro. There are certainly some good plusses.