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iPhone 4 sync to Outlook 2010

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  • iPhone 4 sync to Outlook 2010

    I am currently an iPhone user and I am having trouble trying to start GTD because I would like to use Outlook on my iPhone. Does anyone have any suggestions? I found a solution that links contacts, tasks and notes with Companionlink but no email capability. Is there another smartphone that will do the job? I may need to switch back to BB but not sure. I have AT&T, can anyone suggest the best phone for Outlook and GTD?
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    Outlook:iPhone sync

    If you're using Exchange on Outlook, try iMExchange. Syncs both tasks and notes reliably.


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      Your iPhone syncs natively with Exchange for both email and calendar:

      If you are not using exchange then you may setup the iPhone to access your email account directly.

      Tom S.


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        I have tried a number of options including google sync for the calendar and toodledo for tasks but the most integrated solution that I have found is to use Pocket Informant.

        If you use Outlook Exchange then your iPhone calendar will sync automatically with your outlook calendar.

        The iPhone calendar can be used as the default Pocket Informant calendar and for tasks sync you can use toodledo and the free Chromatic Dragon program




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          I agree with Steve.

          iMExchange is a great way to sync the iphone with Outlook, provided you are on exchange server. It does a great job bringing over tasks by context and notes.

          Nothing I know of at this time lets you process email into contexts like the Netcentrics Add In does.


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            Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I just purchased the Outlook Add-In from Netcentrics. I am not that versed in an exchange server but will look into it. I thought about switching phones back to a Blackberry but it would be too expensive to do that right now. Thanks again!


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              It looks like to exchange servers are for businesses, I use Outlook from home, is there another option or can I buy one single license?
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                Hosted exchange

                do a google search for hosted exchange. You will pay $5-$10 per month for an account but Exchange is incredibly powerful and very well suited to GTD. I would recommend it for anyone. We currently use an Exchange server at our business but I have a personal exchange account with rackspace and have tried and godaddy. I probably preferred the service the best (and it was cheap).

                Good luck.


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                  Originally posted by tlm330 View Post
                  It looks like to exchange servers are for businesses, I use Outlook from home, is there another option or can I buy one single license?
                  Maybe try a different approach. I use iPhone and Outlook at home as well, and what I use is Appigo Todo ($5) on my phone, with Appigo Sync (free) on my Windows desktop at home. Sync connects brilliantly with Outlook tasks, and wifi sync is very fast. I have yet to lose any data with this setup. Outlook categories correspond to Todo tags, so it's easy to set up Outlook as in the Davidco white paper and have it all just work on the phone.

                  For Outlook Notes and Calendar, I just use the regular iTunes sync. I lose categories on the phone for both, but for me that's not a big deal. Categories are still retained in Outlook.

                  Anyway, Appigo Todo was the best five bucks I ever spent in the app store.