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DOES IT get better than THIS?

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  • DOES IT get better than THIS?

    When it comes to Purpose, Vision, Goals, Responsibilities, Projects and Next Actions, I use "Achieve Planner". Does anybody else use this software? I find it gets really in depth, and has a good hierarchical structure that feels organic.

    For the Runway I use Evernote (iPhone APP & Computer Software) for my next actions (organized by context). This way I never need to question what else I could be doing, and since I've implemented this aspect (from using paper/folders) my speed and efficiency has increased. Now each day I'm not wasting my time moving over tasks from one day to the next. At worst, I add important next actions to my favorites list. Within Evernote, I also have a Reference System where I store notes, pdfs, pictures, anything I didn't feel should go in my paper Reference system at home. For calenders I use the one on my iphone.

    For creative thinking I often Mind Map. I find it's a great way to get out all the thoughts and ideas.

    Currently the clog in my system is me sitting down to go through my Achieve Planner projects to update the lists and next actions. Considering I've dumped 10 years of goal planning into the software, to effectively go through the weekly process it takes me (too long) like 2hrs minimum. I like the detail, but since it's so heavy I only want to see my projects lists on a weekly basis. Ack... How do I lighten the load without losing what important about being detailed and thorough in my approach.