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How does the GTD plug-in synchronize with the Palm?

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  • How does the GTD plug-in synchronize with the Palm?

    I would very much like to get the GTD plug-in, but I absolutely need to synchronize with my Handspring. I do 90% of my data entry on my PC, then I synchronize to my PDA; I use my Handspring to carry my info around, throughout the day and check things off when done.

    Has anyone had any experience with this? I would appreciate any input.

    Thanks, Calin

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    Re: How does the GTD plug-in synchronize with the Palm?

    Originally posted by zzzagman
    I do 90% of my data entry on my PC, then I synchronize to my PDA
    I have a PocketPC as opposed to a Palm, but since the GTD plug-in creates projects in the form of TASK items in Outlook, it should work seamlessly. It works perfectly on the PocketPC.

    Someone with a Palm will have to confirm, but I am certain it will work. (In fact, David Allen has said he uses a Palm, so it is highly unlikely they would implement a solution that doesn't work well on one.)

    --- JRJ


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      Palm sync

      I've got a Handspring pro, sync to Outlook (via Chapura, as supplied by Handsroing), and have had a series of problems. Since this happens on both my office and my home computers, I think there's some kind of incompatibility between the GTD add-on and the Palm OS sync process (if I uninstall the GTD add-on, the sync works just fine on both machines). I've been in contact with the support people at Netcentrics (who developed the add-on) and they're in hot pursuit of the problem. I certainly hope they can fix this problem, since the add-on is no use to me otherwise


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        As someone who uses a Palm constantly and is thinking about the plug-in, I would like to hear what sort of problems you've been having. Do the problems occur only when syncing to two computers, or do you have them when syncing to one?


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          Outlook plug in

          Yes, I also would like to know what kind of problems you're having ?

          I purchased the plug in and have found one bug so far, if you try to sync with the palm with outlook shut down--it crashes and you have to reboot your pc to get the plug-in to start up again with outlook. ( I use Desktop to go)

          I've noticed a lot more duplication recently but I'm not sure if the add in is causing it, or the desktop version of Life Balance.



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            To sync with categories you either need to use Pocket Mirror Professional from Chapura or Intellisync (full version) from Pumatech.
            It is most likely the categories created by the conduit that cause the problem. Try one of those pieces of software.


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              syncing with add-in

              Actually , I was using Pocket Mirror Pro, but recently installed DTG and it seems to have stopped some of the duplication. One thing about the add-in that I learned the hard way is that it wants to name certain categories very specifically.

              For example--the projects category has to be called "Projects" it can't be @Projects. I had WF for waiting for but it needs @Waiting For.

              I had s/m for someday maybe but it likes "someday".

              You also have to update your tasks frequently and let the add in locate any new categories or renaming of categories and move the tasks around to match it.


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                I would agree with the comments naming. However, I can use @Office for one of my tasks. It may be another issue with your Palm


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                  There is a Palm OS program out called Undupe.
                  It removes duplicates from your calendar, address book, to do, and notes. Worth looking into. You can get it from


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                    Sync with Palm

                    I have a Palm IIIx and have installed the GTD add-in. The sync works beautifully using only the Chapura pocket mirror standard that came with the Palm. The only thing I had to do to get categories to link properly was to (1) go to the chapura site and download the free upgrade to the standard version, and (2) follow the directions on their web site for configuring the hot sync conduit to preserve Outlook categories. It works like a charm. Each Next action category maps to a Palm category and the Projects list maps to a "Projects" Palm category. The only thing you can't do on the Palm is view things by project or assign a project. You have to do this in Outlook once you do a sync.

                    One caution using this approach is that the Palm is limited to 15 categories, so that measn 14 Next Action categories plus the project list.