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Implementing David's Outlook settings

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  • Implementing David's Outlook settings

    Hi--long time listener, first time caller. I am a Mac user with Entourage, and I was interested duplicating the Outlook settings used in the add-in available from this site. How specific are the "tips" in the " Outlook" book(let)? If there are real, step-by-step directions with some meat on them that would be useful to me, assuming that Entourage can essentially duplicate Outlook's functionality.

    Anyone have any experience with this?


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    The document "Implementing David Allen's Workflow Processing Using Microsoft Outlook" is not a how-to for implementing the features of the GTD add-in. The Implementing document is a tutorial of Outlook's functions and abilities and how they can be used with the GTD processes. The add-in is a set of modifications to Outlook that adds macros, buttons, and other functions to Outlook. For example, the "delegate" function and button in the add-in allows you to forward a message to someone, create a new waiting-for task, set a reminder to follow up on the waiting for, associate the task with a project, and archive the message in a saved folder. Don't expect the "Implementing" document to give you the info that lets you write the macros to do all of that.

    Having said that, I don't use the add-in; I use the tips in the "Implementing" document and think they are worthwhile. I haven't needed the additional functions. Others who post on this board use the add-in and love it. Just remember that the add-in and "Implementing" are different products with different goals in mind. It just depends on what you want to accomplish.


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      Most of "Implementing" can be done in Entourage

      There are very few things you can not do in Entourage that the "Implementing GTD" guide recommends. But, as Brian points out, the add-in provides some automation that's not really possible unless you're a scripting guru.