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Please suggest me an app for lists/tasks (for iPod touch, needs to sync with PC)

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  • Please suggest me an app for lists/tasks (for iPod touch, needs to sync with PC)

    Hi guys,

    I've been searching these forums and the web for hours but obviously not hard enough as I couldn't find a solution for my needs. I finally decided to register and tap into all the knowledge here.

    At work I'm issued a Win7 Laptop (HP) and a Nokia E72 phone (need to use these tools). Obviously the outlook syncs very well and I use the outlook agenda and task fuction at the moment with succes. The problem is that at home I use mac hardware/software (iMac, MBP, iPod Touch) and I'm limited to either input/check on my phone, or use my work laptop.

    So, I'm looking for a simple to use, multiple-list manager that works on
    - Win 7
    - Mac os x
    - Nokia E72 (biggest problem here!)
    -- Bonus if they also have an app for iPod touch, but not a must as I do carry my phone everywhere, it's just not as much fun to use as the iPod (or possibly iPad in the near future). They obviously need to sync (cleverly) over the web so I have the most recent lists on each tool. It's fine if it somehow works together with/in/on Outlook.

    I don't require huge functionality, just multiple lists and easy to use in a GTD system.

    thanks, Michiel.

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    I think you should visit It is a web task manager that can sync directly with -I think - all the tools you listed


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      thanks for the fast reply and usefull information, i'm signing up as we speak!


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        Just in case, at you can see all the tools you should desire