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Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 and GTD

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  • Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 and GTD

    Is there anyone using the new Blackberry with GTD? If so, how do you like it? I am think of switching my iPhone 4 to this device.

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    Works for Me

    I got mine about a week and a half ago and it works great. Syncs with Outlook from my computer so 'everything is everywhere.' Only downside is it won't do as many "other" things as an iPhone, but if you want a good basic device that works well with GTD, this one is it.



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      All in one gtd app for bb

      Hello, actually I use the Pocketinformant app for calendar and task management. It syncs nicely with toodledo service. My device is a Bold 9780 but I would love to have the touchscreen of the new os7 BBs. The physical qwerty keyboard is something that I don't want to live without any more. It makes captureing, reviewing and organizing lightning fast and accurate... And even forum posts can be typed easly like this
      So if you want to get rid of the many unnecesarry time consuming staff provided by the iPhone and want to focus on the really important things and do them effectively, I recommend the change. Good luck!


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        Another vote for Pocket Informant + Toodledo on BlackBerry. It syncs wirelessly and reliably. Pocket Informant on older devices is incredibly slow when setup to sync to the native PIM. I only use sync tasks and Calendar and Pocket Informant works a treat.

        -- Robert.