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step-file for active project folders

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  • step-file for active project folders

    I am partially sharing my frustration but also seeking answers. How do you make your active project files readily accessible? Since I am in and out of my active project files several times a day, I moved them from a file drawer to a box on a side table next to my desk. I was getting really frustrated with looking for specific file folders, just as I was when they were in the drawer. Even although the folders are ordered a to z, there are 40 of them, some end up overlapping and I would need to walk my fingers through and then pull out the folder or hold it open to add something. So I decided to find some step files that would hold the files in a tiered fashion, making all the file heads visible. Unfortunately, the step-files take up a good deal of room and I needed three of them. They also have separators or dividers, and these are quite close together, so now it is harder to pull out the files and put them back in. Any suggestions?

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    If you really have 40 active project folders that you are in and out of every day, and you can't make some of the information electronic, then you have 40 folders to put somewhere. Either a drawer or a lot of other space is required.
    I just bought a small credenza to put behind my desk to de-clutter my desk surface by putting project files and other things on it. However, my own experience is that bulging file folders are usually full of a lot of purge-worthy stuff, so it might be worthwhile to think about paper retention.


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      I went away from those files and have changed to Lever Arch Files instead. I have one folder per area of focus, with 31 plastic dividers, each one is a project or a regular meeting. So I have only four folders and they sit on my desk right in front of where I do my paperwork, so very easy access. These folders are only for my current active open loops, I have separate project folders that are the permanent files, and will be retained by the company long term. When my working folders are getting full I sort through the stuff, trash what I don't need, and put essential info in the permanent files if I'm not needing it frequently.
      I had to change as we are moving offices soon, and the new desks will have very limited storage at our desks, with most of the storage in other places in the building. So the permanent project files will go away from my desk and only active material will stay on my desk. I'm starting to get used to it, you think more about what you really need.