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Windows Program to Print Hard Lanscape and NA's???

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  • Windows Program to Print Hard Lanscape and NA's???


    Can anyone recommend a windows program that syncs with palm OS5 devices that can print clean/pretty daily, weekly, monthly hard landscape calendars along side NA's? I used to use daytimer and Anytime Deluxe, but the former is no longer exists and I don't think that Anytime Deluxe syncs reliably with OS5 devices. Outlook does not give me the full text of events entered and also doesn't print task notes very well.


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    From the "where there's a will..." file . . . It's been awhile, so I doublechecked the nuances this morning to be sure I get this right.

    There's a $5 shareware program (no nags; you're on your honor) called DateBook2Memo, which will also dump into a PalmOS doc file. Your choice as regards whether associated notes should also be printed. Yields a fairly decent formatted listing. You can dump a day, week or month, or the entirety of the datebook. That one is version 1.5. You can get version 1.2 for free at But, the "doc" dump feature did not materialize until version 1.4. The freebie v 1.2 works fine with OS 5.2 devices (i.e., TH55), but dumps only to the memopad. (I don't recall how memo stuff works with Outlook.) The doc file created is typically named like "Date2Memo May 2004". I just beamed it to the desktop, since I seldom felt like doing a complete backup to get to it via a sync.

    You could then open the doc file on the desktop, with any one of numerous desktop doc readers. I know that there's an isilo desktop/Win version available ($20), which allows printing (but no editing, although you could resort to copy & paste). That was a worthy purchase for me, since I have tons of iSilo-ized web pages, and I like the freedom to access them via DT or Palm. There is also a Word2Doc add-in for MS Word, which would pull in the created doc file, and allow editing. Handy, since there's some gibberish at the top of the file. (Word may open it without the add-in; dunno-- I'm a decade-old WordPerfect fan.)

    Note: the iSilo print-out precedes each entry with a squarish open box, instead of a hyphen. Perfect for indulging a check-off.

    If you have NAs in ToDo, a similar ToDo2Memo app is available. Scroll to the end of the PalmGear Date2Memo page, and click "see all apps by this developer". On the resulting page, it's about half-way down. It's free counterpart lives at (And for completeness, there is also a free Addresses2Txt app at PalmGear which handles addressbook conversion chores. Use Palm DT to export to csv; place that csv file in the directory where Addresses2Txt lives; double click that exe.)

    Shortie: $5/ v 1.5 PalmGear:
    Shortie: v 1.2

    iSilo DeskTop
    purchase: $20
    Handango 15% off coupon:
    2) see "Handango Discount Code" from top menu
    3) (free registration = get digital code)

    trial; purchase = $10



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      I was really looking for something that will produce a print that I can use to identify blocks of free time.



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        FWIW, no grids, but the listing will reflect start-end times, if so listed in your DB.