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30,000 - 50,000+ & Journaling Software

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  • 30,000 - 50,000+ & Journaling Software

    Anybody using Journaling Software? Something to record & ponder some of the higher realms of our lives? I've been allowing myself to get assaulted by the wide array of programs including paper that are available. I want to keep a personal journal & a professional journal.

    Any ideas including using Outlook are welcomed.

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    Try Daynotez ...


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      DayNotez is Great

      I also use DayNotez. You can get two versions for the desktop--Outlook based which creates a .PST file and a DNote icon on the toolbar. Or you can get a stand alone. The serial number works for both so you can switch anytime. Its got lots of options.

      I have tried several other Journaling/Diary programs and always come back to Natara DayNotez.



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        FWIW the Natara people suggest very openly on their discussion forum that most people should use the standalone version of Daynotez.

        It's got a whole lot more features than the outlook version. (outlook version is pretty weak)

        Having tried both myself, I tend to agree with Natara.

        I think they're going to try and work more with the outlook version in the future. Right now they seem to be focusing on their Project at hand software that syncs with MS Project.


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          I had problems with the Outlook version, and I don't like having more applications than I need to open in Windows. Outlook for all my PIM stuff and then whatever other program I am working on at the time. So I eventually abandoned DayNotez and went back to the memo pad/Outlook notes method. I have a separate category for journal entries, and each one is titled with the date and the kind of journal entry it is. Simplicity works best for me.


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            There is a new Palm Program out called DES Journal, you can find it on PalmGear. It allows you to scroll through your "Daily Journal" notes day by day, if you have been using that function in Agendus. You can also use it to enter a journal as an untimed event in your day.



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              Journaling Software

              Check this out: