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Palm v. Pocket PC

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  • Palm v. Pocket PC

    In most of the posts I've read, people seem to be using Palms (self included). I was wondering if there is anyone who has had experience with both? I'd like to see a comparison of Palm v. PPC by experienced GTD practitioners. I'm sure others considering investing in a hand held would like a reliable comparison.

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    I have used both systems and am still with Pocket PC. I especially like using Pocket Informant because it is a high-powered personal information manager that captialises on the multitasking capabilities of the OS. I like it that I have all my categories listed and all I do is click on one of them and all the tasks drop down for use.


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      I have used both. Both are good but I think Palm is easier and faster to use.


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        We have both at my company

        We have about 20 PDA users at my company. The developers and support techs seem to tend toward the PPC while sales, marketing, orders and HR folks tend to favor Palm OS.

        The general consensus at my company is that the Palm is easier to use and that there are more GTD-oriented software choices for PalmOS. The PPC crew likes the native Outlook functionality, the ability to run a terminal session (hey we're geeks!), and the Today screen.

        Among the PPC users, PocketInformant is the number one third-party app used.

        On the Palm, Bonsai is pretty popular. Most Palm users here do not use Outlook, BTW.

        FWIW, I've heard many complaints from the PPC users about ActiveSync problems.


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          I have a lot of experience using both Palm and PPC. Of course, there are pros and cons for using both. Right now, I am using a Toshiba e740 with Pocket Informant. It works well, especially with Outlook (don't use the add-in because I had problems and the PDF David wrote to modify Outlook suffices). I have not experienced any problems with ActiveSync and I sync with my work laptop (Outlook XP) and home desktop (Outlook 2003).

          Only complaint for PPC is the battery life. Palms have a much better battery life in my experience. I had a Tungsten C (until I dropped it ) and it lasted for weeks (with the WiFi turned off) while my e740 struggles after two to three days (also with the WiFi disabled).

          My two cents...