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Exchange server / Outlook Web Access ?

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  • Exchange server / Outlook Web Access ?

    Does anyone know if the GTD Outlook Add-In can be used with Exchange server / Outlook Web Access ?

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    I don't have the add-in functionality

    I have the GTD add-in because I have Outlook (the full client) at work where things are kept on the Exchange server (no PST). It works nicely on Outlook, however I do not see the add-in if I use OWA (using OWA 2000/XP not 2003). I can look in the folders that the add-in puts in (@Action, @Calls, etc.) and I can see the tasks, but the new views are inaccessible to me. The new fields (Project, Action) are not available. I can't say for certain it's unavailable; when I use OWA, I'm on a Mac, generally using Safari, though sometimes using MSIE.

    Related: Our IT dept has made Outlook 2000 accessible via Citrix. The add-in is not visible nor my new fields, but my GTD views are visible, so I can manually drag an email to task list then drag a task to the action and project so that they are placed in context


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      The add in only works locally at the client level. To work with Citrix it would need to be loaded on the Citrix server.


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        I'm using Outlook Web Access 2003 (with Exchange 2003 SP2), and I can use the Getting Things Done views.


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          The views are moved up to your account on the Exchange folder so they will be visible on the website.

          The toolbar is a local installation. It will not be seen on the website. There is now way for the GTD toolbar (or any toolbar for that matter) to been seen in OWA.