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NetCentrics Outlook Add In Backup?

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  • NetCentrics Outlook Add In Backup?


    I'm nearing my Add In trial, very happy with it. One thing that worries me is the backup and restore procedure, or maybe the lack of it, as I did not find anything on this in user's manual or Google.

    Thing is, my company has this no-local-files policy. Therefore our laptops are just dumb terminals, and it is quite common for team members to switch computers on demand - someone goes on a business trip and takes the 11 inch ultraportable, other guy needs some serious horsepower for this week's project and uses the powerful 15 incher.

    That said, I wonder is there a way to backup the Add In and restore it easily when needed? Is it doable, provided we use Exchange? Any thoughts and experience on this, anyone?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.

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    Hi everyone,

    NetCentrics team was kind enough to answer me almost straight away. I thought I'll share the answer, in case anyone is wondering about this issue. Here it goes:
    In your case, the GTD data is already backed up on the Exchange server.

    There's no special/local database for GTD. The GTD data is embedded in the Outlook data itself - in the form of additional folder/items, per-item data is kept in user-defined fields added to processed items, configuration is kept in a post item in the 'Settings' folder that GTD adds to the data.

    All you need to do is setup your new Outlook profile & point it to the old Exchange account; Outlook will sync the data to the local cache; once that is fully populated, then close Outlook & install GTD.

    Important: before installing GTD on the new workstation, make sure the new Outlook profile's cache has finished populating, especially the 'Settings' folder that GTD sets up; the settings post item here is the first thing that GTD looks for & if it's not established in the local cache, GTD won't find it & will create a new one & you'll have to run a recovery function to populate this properly.