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List manager options - recommendations, please?

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  • List manager options - recommendations, please?

    I *know* this is going to have been discussed before so apologies, but......

    I am looking for a list manager app for my BlackBerry. Currently my set-up is Google contacts and calendar. Both of these sync seamlessly with the BB, but Google tasks will not sync (it's not designed to do so). Much as I would like to use a corresponding Google app, I therefore need to look for a separate list manager to sit alongside my calendar and contacts running on the BB (and on my laptop).

    I've tried installing Evernote, which seems to be the list manager of choice for a lot of people, but have had to uninstall it as it is *the* most memory- and power-hungry app (and slow!) when running on the BB. Basically, the BB almost stops dead, while Evernote continually looks for files to sync from the mothership - so it has had to go. I gather from reading Evernote reviews that the BB version of the app is particularly poor in quality.

    If anyone who is running a list manager on a BB which will sync automatically with a laptop-based counterpart would care to pass on a recommendation, I would be really grateful for your help.

    Many thanks in advance

    David Popely
    DP Associates