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[Android + Windows] your favorite GTD software?

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  • [Android + Windows] your favorite GTD software?

    Hey guys

    I checked this page and the next of this subforum and didn't find a thread on Android. There's a discussion about an Android capture tool going on, but no general Android thread. Hence this thread.

    I haven't used GTD in 3 years but now that I have an Android phone, I would like to give it another try.

    So..if you're a Android + Windows user, could you list your favorite GTD software & apps?

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    On my Android I use Ultimate to do list, as well, Toodledo Slim. A "friend" suggested me to use Task Angel on Windows. I didn't yet evaluated this because often I can use Toodledo thanks to the Internet connections.


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      My Life Organized

      I'm using MyLife Organized on Windows, and on Android. I find the program a little busy, but incredibly powerful. For example, it can regenerate a task one week after completion, rather than just once a week. So if I am late changing a filter, it will prompt me a week later, not a week after the original task should've been done.

      Their Android app is in beta, but is very stable and usable.


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        Some apps with great user experience and features are Due Today, Nozbe,, Astrid and Conqu. I'm part way through a journey to find my Android app (plus a Mac counterpart, although a lot have windows version too or 3rd party apps that use Toodledo as the server/sync option in the middle) and I am blogging about it here:

        I've covered Due Today, and Astrid so far.


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          The three main components of my Android + Windows system:
          --Ultimate ToDo List synched to Toodledo
          --Business Calendar synched to Google Calendar
          --Evernote for project support


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            Ultimate To Do List, Toodledo & Google Calendar

            I recently moved from Pocket Informant, which works quite well but can't cope with subtasks in different contexts from the main task, to Ultimate To Do List.

            Toodledo is the web home for my next actions lists. Both Toodledo and Ultimate To Do List are set to open by context, and I have reduced the fields to:
            Due Date (used only when really necessady)
            Start Date (to avoid things showing up on my list before I can do them)
            Context (where can I do this action)

            Google Calendar holds my 'home' calendar, Lotus Notes my 'work' calendar, although I send an invitation to the other one if there is a crossover (eg. personal appointment during 'work' time).


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              Nirvana 2

              While it is a web app and not a native app (yet), I find Nirvana 2 a good choice. It's mobile optimized web app looks pretty much like a native app.

              I simply put a bookmark to it on my home screen and I can hardly tell it is a web app.


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                Android GTD and Note Everything

                I am new to GTD and new to Android as well. I just started using the Outlook Plug-in and really like it so far. Regarding the Android, I had a hard time finding something I liked, but I found the Note Everything ap to be an easy way to put notes in folders like I have set up in Outlook - I can even email, share, and create a QR Code right from Note Everything. Keeping it clean by uploading to Google Docs has made it easy to Cut/Paste into Outlook.
                - ioniapcwizard


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         very well as a ubiquitous capture tool, reference repository, project organizer, and next action list.


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                    MLO Link

                    Here is the link


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                      Touchdown Exchange replicates Outlooks well, especially for tasks

                      If you need to synchronize with Outlook through Exchange, Touchdown works quite well.


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                        Originally posted by PaulK View Post
                        I have reduced the fields to:
                        Due Date (used only when really necessady)
                        Start Date (to avoid things showing up on my list before I can do them)
                        Context (where can I do this action)
                        This is pretty similar to the settings of MYN of Linenberger I found really effective because both in Toodledo and Ultimate I have all my tasks in one list, kept always FRESH by basic and easy rules. I implemented this approach after years of GTD and I got a great synergy by the two systems.


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                          GQueues is awesome

                          I spent quite a bit of time trying out different solutions. I finally chose GQueues ( It is incredibly easy to use and allows me to adequately handle both the horizontal and vertical aspects of my life (both at work and at home). It integrates completely into Google mail, contacts, and calendar which, given that all of those are where the Android keeps those things by default, it gives me full access in both places (all I need to do to keep my contacts up to date is to add them to Google contacts and in a matter of seconds, they're available on my Android).

                          Even better is the fact that, rather than developing a platform-based application, they decided to use HTML5 for their mobile application. As a result, it can work on both platforms (I believe. I don't have an IOS device). Thus, you can fully edit/add/delete items, queues, or categories on the mobile phone - even when it is not online - and then sync it when you get a connection.

                          Also, given that I use Outlook at work for my scheduling, I can do a one-way sync from Outlook's calendar to the Google Calendar, thereby allowing me a single place - on my hip - where I get reminders of any appointment (or other time-based task) I need to remember. In fact, GQueues was the key reason why I chose the Android over the IPhone (and I'm very glad that I did), given the higher degree of integration between Google apps and the Android.

                          Not only does this allow me to have everything at hand at all times, the cost is incredibly low: $25/year.

                          BTW - for Linux (and perhaps, although I don't know, Mac) users, I have used the Gnome Evolution application to sync with Outlook and provide another way of accessing that information.

                          All-in-all, I would strongly suggest trying GQueues. Note that they do have a free version that allows for things like calendar integration, collaboration, GQueues Mobile or assigning things to others during the 30 day trial period. At that price (free), I think it would be worth trying!


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                            My contribution to the mix of tools.

                            After trial and error, I am now using the following combination:
                            Which I really want to share with you since it has given me a great experience.

                            Android: DGT GTD , still Alpha but better than the rest hands down.

                            Also make sure you install the toodledo sync app from the same developer.

                            You will need Toodledo(free or Pro) to get this to work.
                            A link(not really needed) www.toodledo.com

                            Which is nice so you can work on your projects/tasks from any computer through Toodledo and on your Android phone with DGT GTD (yes the name will change I am sure)


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                              Capture: FastRecorder and DoItTomorrow, List manager:Mobisle notes

                              Honestly, the android smartphone is a step backward and a step forward compared to my old Nokia Phone. That still makes it very very useful though. Here's what I use on the Android.

                              Capture Tool (UCT): FastRecorder on Android Smartphone

                              For capturing ideas while not at my desk, I use a recorder that can be started directly from a widget on the home screen (in 2012, the best apps I've found are FastRecorder and Livo Recorder). Sadly, there is no possibility of mapping a hardware button to direct recording (will be criterium for my next phone). Now, I need to slide off the keyguard and often press the home button before I can click the widget, bringing the time from pocket to recording up to 3-4 seconds.

                              I suspect an audio memo is the fastest way to make a capture when you’re not directly sitting with pen and paper in hand, but there are drawbacks: 1) it’s awkward in public spaces and in social situtations, so not ubiquitous, and 2) processsing time is slower than for written notes. Still, I prefer the fastest possible capture speed, or my capture rate goes down. I supplement with scribbled notes in the DoItTomorrow app; it’s slower than paper , but my smartphone is the only ubiquitous item for me.

                              Fastrecorder can record directly from a widget, and has one-click-to-delete option for the fastest processing of your memos. It misses other features though, and recording quality is mediocre.
                              Livo recorder also has widget, and is very versatile, but takes way too many clicks to process and delete recordings.

                              Evernote is versatile, but I stopped using it as capture tool for two reasons: 1) The widget (4x1) takes up too much space, and 2) processing is slow, there are too many clicks involved.

                              I've tried many others too, none quite satisfying.

                              Calendar: Business Calendar
                              Business Calendar is awesome. It's quick and versatile and allows for inviting other people to events. Calendar Snooze app allows me to customize my event reminders, the only thing I miss in Business calendar.

                              Reminder app:COL reminder
                              The best app I've found for time specific reminders is COL reminder. It's quick in operation, allows easy set up of recurring reminders, and let's me choose a different profile for important and less important reminders. Last, it's got an active and responsive developer.

                              Next action lists : paper
                              I still use paper lists for my projects and next-actions. I write 50% faster on paper than I can swype on my smartphone, and A4 gives much better overview than a 6" screen. With Camera Zoom i can make an electronic copy (image) of my lists in 3 seconds, that's enough for my needs when on the go.

                              I tried the MLO app briefly,but there are too many clicks and steps involved to my liking.

                              I'd be curious to hear if anyone had an effective action list system on paper, and then switched to something workable from a smartphone - what persuaded you? How does speed compare?

                              checklist manager: Mobisle notes
                              Mobisle notes is great for visually appealing brief checklists. Quick in operation.

                              Biggest needs:an instant camera snapshot tool.
                              I love being able to take a snapshot of a document or object for later reference, that's one of the coolest features of the smartphone. I just can't find one that works quickly and while dumping the snapshots in a separate directory. I think I tried them all, instant camera, cam scanner, document reader, Evernote, camera zoom, camera360. All have nice features, but it takes too many damn clicks to get anything done, or there is some other major problem. Has anyone found any better?