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Small change in new Palm OS changes things

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  • Small change in new Palm OS changes things

    I am the owner of a brand new shiny (okay, it's not that shiny, more rubbery - but very nice) Zire 72. This is a big upgrade for me from a monochrome Palm m125. I love practically everything about it - the high-res color (perfect for these 40-something eyes), the built-in 1.2 mp camera, the voice memo recorder, the updated apps. It's great PDA.

    Except for one teeny tiny thing that is bugging me. In the Tasks app (formerly ToDos, now Tasks) in this newest OS (5.2.8, I believe) they took away the "Show Only Due Items" preference. Which means when I am browsing through contextual categories (e.g. @Computer), I have to see stuff that I don't mean to do for two weeks, and sorting by date moves this stuff up to the top. They do have a separate option to show ALL tasks due today, or past due, which is very welcome. But I really miss the "show only due items" preference - now I have to rethink how I am using this in relation to GTD.

    Anyone else with the newer OS miss this feature?

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    Zire 72

    Yes i have just upgraded to the Z72 and love it. Due Today does pretty much the same as Show Items Due did for me. I'll check but the do fairly the same thing just worded differently I feel.



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      For me what I do is only have the next actions in the list. The rest stay in the project lists etc.

      I know a lot of people have complained about this but I don't know what the solution is. I'm still using my Palm Vx.



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        Cando is a todo enhancement that allows you to perform a variety of date oriented filters, as well as keyword filters. I think that datebook 5 also lets you show only items that are due on/before a specific date.