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    Hello all,

    I am in the implementation face of GTD, I have some techie questions.

    KeySuite 2.4 and the GTD add-in will it allow me to synch projects and project tasks? I am using Palm T3. I am getting ready to trial both programs, but wanted to get some of these cleared up before I take the plunge.

    I am also looking at implementing this using Mind Manager and OneNote as I already own both progs, any recommendations on how you are using these packages for GTD.

    Looking at this forum I see some are using Bonsai or Shadow Plan as well with the above tools, for additional projects, I am primarily interested to know why and how you move that data from the PC and the above programs.

    Looking forward to get your ideas.

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    MindManager and Outlook


    Here's what I sent another forum member not too long ago about using Mindmanager and Outlook together.

    Here's what I do in a nutshell. You need to understand that I use this technique only for longer-term projects that have a number of activities, each with a number of actions. That having been said, here's how I go about it:

    1. I create a new mind map when I'm conceptualizing a project. I do the standard stuff you can when mind mapping - free associate, dump ideas out, then cluster and refine them.

    2. I usually end up with a set of actions on each branch of the project. I use the Task Info pane to set Due dates (I generally do not use Start dates unless I'm going to export to MS Project where I can create task dependencies), Resources, and Categories (you need to know your categories - MindManager does not sync with Outlook to pick up your categories). I usually do not Show Task Infromation.

    3. When I've got all of the basic task information assigned to my action nodes on the map, I select the "Export Tasks to Outlook..." icon on the Export toolbar. I only select the "Synchronize changes with Outlook", "Export new tasks to Outlook", and "Only export topis that use Task Information" options.

    4. In Outlook, I'll add additional information (contacts, secondary categories, progress, etc.). If I need to add new tasks (almost inevitably), I do it MindManager, not in Outlook. and then Synchronize from MindManager. This is important. Otherwise you'll end up importing everything on your task list from Outlook and trust me, you do not want to do that.

    5. The synchronization picks up any changes in progress or completion status, regardless of which environment I change them in.

    Hope that helps.

    Also, KeySuite and the GTD add-in can both add value to a GTD workflow. I'd strongly suggest you start with one, get it set up the way you want, then look at the other. You are throwing a lot of software into your system and one time and that can be really distracting.

    I'm very happy with KeySuite as an Outlook work-alike on my Clie. I have, since I switched to the Tablet PC a week ago, not been using the GTD add-in as it was causing a lot of stability issues in my previous system. It might have been a combination of things I had added to the system but I have had only one or two Outlook "hangs" or errors on this new system and it was a daily occurence on the old.

    While I miss the functionality a bit, I prefer the stability.


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      Thanks Marc,

      In the last two days I set-up the GTD add-in on both of my machines running outlook 2003 and Key Suite, along with Versamail I get most of the folders synced. However, there is a definite stability issue between Outlook small business mgr and GTD. I am sure I will find a work-around. I have taken your advice and will delay my introduction of MindManager and OneNote into this system.

      However, I am trying to figure out how I can use Outlook and possibly onenote as a tickler system, and a list keeper. Like you I have both Bonsai and Shadow Plan, but I would prefer not to have to copy too much info between 3 or 4 apps.

      Marc I wish you luck with the new Blog's your old one has been a great roadmap for my implimentation of GTD, and on general Outlook productivity I am looking forward for more to come.