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Outlook iPad and iPhone

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  • Outlook iPad and iPhone


    I know this has been touched on before but I haven't yet been able to find an answer to my specific situation, hopefully one of you has.

    I use outlook 2010 on a pc (set up as recommended by the guide from this site). I am not on an exchange server. I use outlooks business contact manager. I like being able to quickly tie emails to tasks or projects as well as link client information and calendar appointments.

    I also use apples mobile devices (iPad and iPhone). Both run ios5. I want to sync my outlook calendar and tasks (INCLUDING categories) as they are set up in my main task manager (outlook). I want to sync both ways. I need to have access when I am out of cellular service.

    I appreciate any suggestions for a solution (sync client, app, etc) that I can run on my mobile device.