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Is there software that will do this for me?

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  • Is there software that will do this for me?

    I'm using a Windows PC.

    I have a number of different files located in different places that I would like to back up on a daily basis. Not doing a full back up of my machine everyday, but at least making a copy of key files to an external hard disk. For example some Outlook .pst files, a Quickbooks file, some spreadsheets etc. Files that I modify daily as part of my business.

    If I moved these all into one folder I guess I could just copy it across. But what I would really like to do, is put links/shortcuts into one folder and then drag this across. Of course, this will only copy the shortcuts.

    So is there some software where I can just make a list of files/or point the software to a list of files which I can just then automatically copy across to this external hard disk on a daily basis?

    Does this make sense? I hope so.



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    Retrospect will certainly do this for you, but it seems like overkill. is the place.


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      Second Copy is wonderful. I backup different folders at different times - while I'm sleeping.



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        If on Win2K or XP, use the backup tool

        If you are using Windows 2000 or above, you can simply use the backup tool included. You select a folder and tell it how often to back up and where.

        Simple and cheap.


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          Originally posted by CosmoGTD
          I use Backup Exec Desktop.
          Its similar to the System Backup that comes with Windows for free.
          You just check all the files you want in a Backup-job, and it will put them on the external drive.
          Each day, just rename the Backup file on the external drive, and make a new one.

          If you are renaming the file you aren't using the program the way it was intended. You don't have to do this. The program will rename the file for you. Or, you can perform a backup whereby all of your sessions are saved to a single file. You can then restore any file from any session and not worry about where the latest backup file is located.


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            If you like it, consider donating.

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            Options include repeated copies at intervals as short as a few minutes, or as long as several months, copy only files that have changed, and the replication of file deletions.

            New features allow you to specify which files should not be copied, and also which days a file should be skipped!

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