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Filing Cabinet Too Full

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  • Filing Cabinet Too Full

    My filing cabinets are so full that it is a little bit of a struggle filing a single sheet of paper.

    Many times I have moved the last 3 inches or so of a draw into the front of the next draw and then reduced the padding in the back of that draw to make extra space. Its a bit of a drag having to do this.

    Is there a better way to solve this problem?

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    Do you really need everything in the files?

    Maybe you have already done this, but worth thinking about if not.

    I have just thinned out the material in my office files. Questions I asked myself:
    - Can I get another copy of this (electronic or paper) easily if I need it?
    - Has this been replaced by a newer version?
    - Is the project still running?
    - Am I responsible for this area, or just keeping it 'for information'

    In my work, I am not responsible for filing 'compliance' documentation (signed contracts etc), so it is relatively easy to cull.

    At home, at financial year end, I put all financial documents for the previous year in an archive box, marked with the year, and destroy the archives over 5 years old (tax record keeping guidelines). I also review the 'warranties & manuals' folders and throw out anything expired or no longer in use.


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      I like to purge my files every 12 months, but this issue comes up more often than that.

      Really I am looking for a solution like some inexpensive spring loaded spacers or something.


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        I just found this solution which might just work: