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Netcentrics GTD reference folders for outlook

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  • Netcentrics GTD reference folders for outlook

    Most of my work comes in from email. I use Netcentrics outlook overlay but I think I am missing something when it comes to reference folders. I seem to be creating projects, just so I have a place to store emails that are more general reference than projects with "next actions". If someone would share their system for storing and retreiveing those emails that you need for future information, but are not project involved I would appreciate it.

    Thanks so much.
    Doc Kokol

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    I pretty much do the same thing. I have a bunch of "projects" in the add-in whose names start "Ref: ", the sole purpose of which is to act as a reference file. Regular projects are prefixed "." or "_" to denote work and home projects respectively.

    So I might have ".Marketing guide released" as a regular work-related project, but I also have a "Ref: Marketing" project which acts solely to file marketing related reference material.

    While we're on this topic (and not to hijack the thread), does anyone distinguish between the "file to" folder and "reference" folder that the add-in provides for each project? I always end up using the same folder for both...