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    There were some posts on the notetaker (where does the name "evening module" come from) wallet a while back that now appear to be lost.

    Someone recommended a less expensive alternative that I cannot recollect.

    Please remind me.


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    Evening Module

    Jot-This Jotter from

    Please note that the reason some of us like it is not because its cheaper, but because it's bigger. Some of us carry a lot in our wallets and the "Evening Module" isn't big enough. It's really a personal choice/decision.

    But do get the pen from the davidco web site as I don't think there is a better one out there and the Jot-this Jotter doesn't come with one.

    Also, you'll need a different size note pad, a 3" x 5" one. The Docket by Tops Business Forms is the one I use.


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      Levenger option also has a number of interesting designs. I'm a big fan of the shirt-pocket briefcase -- they have other wallets with notepads as well.


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        I posted the original question re the note taker.

        I went with a very similar wallet by AMI and I found it at the Colorado Pen Company, a store at the local mall here in the Detroit area.

        It was priced at $69 and came with a Fisher Space Pen but I special ordered the Rotring Esprit which is expandable. Add the $29 I spent on the pen and it's essentially the same price as the offering on this web site. (EXCEPT I GOT A BONUS FISHER SPACE PEN).

        I love the wallet.
        I carry cash in my front pocket with any extra credit cards clipped in.
        License, ATM and 2 credit cards go in the wallet. I can't tell you how handy the pen and paper have been.

        I hope that helps.



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          Here are a couple from Levenger:


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            Notepad Cover

            We went with the notepad cover at It holds a pen and has a couple of small pockets for business cards and/or money. We find it to be just the right size and it's a soft quality leather