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Will the outlook add-in sync with outlook on a black berry?

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  • Will the outlook add-in sync with outlook on a black berry?

    I have a desk top pc and a smart phone, I sync the calendars, will the add in work on the phone?

    btw.... disappointed netcentricks won't make a 64 bt outlook 2010. I have 32 bit office on a 64 bit win7 os, I guess this is the end of the line for that add in software?

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    From our understanding, there is no mobile version of the Netcentrics GTD Outlook Add-in. But you might ask the developer directly on that, in case they have newer information than we are aware of:


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      Thanks, that answered my question.

      I actually read a thread about netcentrics not supporting 64 bit and didn't like their attitude, I guess it really is a money/demand issue but... no point in getting into something that looks to be on it's last legs. I did that with a Dell Palm axim v51 (I think it was) $600 and was happy then but that was the last palm they ever made. Now every thing has to work with a black berry... for me at least.