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Want to use Outlook, Act! and Palm---I need advice

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  • Want to use Outlook, Act! and Palm---I need advice

    I've been advised that the GTD methodology does not work well with ACT! calendar and task functions, and that those using Act! with Outlook while doing GTD have found that they basically use Act! for it's contact and project history functions.

    The set-up that I'd like to accomplish is:
    -task, and calendar maintained within Outlook
    -a regular contact list in Outlook that can be synchronised with my
    Act! contacts
    -a not too inefficient set-up with Act! that minimizes the amount of
    manual re-entering of info between the two programs
    -capacity to synch contacts with my Palm (It's not necessary to have
    all the Act! history or contact detail in the Palm contact list, however if
    that's easily done that would be fine.


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    You should look at Outlook Business Contact Manager

    Outlook Business Contact Manager comes with Office Professional or SMB. BCM is an Act replacement. Only disadvantage is that it does not work with an Exchange Server, only POP or IMAP email accounts. Also to date, there is no syncing with Pocket PC's. Microsoft is currently working on it.