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Thunderbird vs Outlook

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  • Thunderbird vs Outlook

    I am looking at switching from Outlook to Thunderbird, as I prefer the open-source more customizable interface that Mozilla offers. (I have already switched from IE to Firefox.) However, I am reluctant to give up the integration of email, tasks and calendar that Outlook and the GTD Outlook add-on offer. Has anyone worked with Thunderbird with the Lightning Calendar add-on for GTD? Also, is Lightning really adequate for tracking tasks? I am leary of using a calendar ap for tasks, as it blurs the distinction between time-specific actions and next actions in which the time frame is flexible and intuitive. Would the addition of My Life Organized fill the gap? Can all the programs work together (which is what I like about Outlook)?

    To complicate matters further, I have an Android phone, and I am wanting to switch from POP to IMAP, so my emails are accessible wherever I am. I don't know if having Thunderbird with add-ons and third-party programs makes this much more difficult. If I would stay with Outlook, I could just get a windows mobile phone, and then everything would be in the Microsoft universe. However, I was hoping to escape into the wider world of open source.

    Any feedback, and especially real life experience with these issues would be appreciated.