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Problems with Action Pad on Blackberry

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  • Problems with Action Pad on Blackberry

    I have been using ActionPad for memos for the last year and have been very happy with it until now. Unfortunately the password protection has got corrupted. Now my password never works for any memo. (Before I had the same password for all protected memos, so I am quite sure it is not me forgetting or typing the password wrong). Some of them open unreadable, some of them open fine but then the option to password protect is missing when I save them...

    Searching on the internet it may be because I have upgraded by Blackberry OS recently.

    I contacted S4BB but they just very unhelpfully informed me that if I can't access them with a password they are lost forever!

    Pretty poor really.

    Has anyone had the same problem. I doubt now there is a work around but if there were I would be very grateful.

    Please, if anyone uses this app on blackberry, don't really on the password protection to work everytime!