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GTD with pocket informant (both Iphone&Ipad)

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  • GTD with pocket informant (both Iphone&Ipad)

    Hi all,
    I'me a newbie on GTD and I've tried to look in this forum and others to find some answer in my doubt/trouble using Pocket informant for Ipad/iphone (I use both), can you please help me on the below issues reported because I'm going crazy ...

    Thanks in advance.

    Main issue using of task with GTD systems:
    a) How to create the list of somedays/maybe (i can't find the way to create my own personal lists I can only create project, context, tag), actually I create a Project Someday/maybe where I insert the tasks)

    B) Tha same above for the "Waiting for" list, I can't create a list so I use a context @waiting for is the best way or I must create a project ?

    c) In the Task form at the voice Action i find severla voices as: Next action, Activate, to plan, delegates, Hold, Waitinf for, etcc...but I can't find anywhere an explanation how to use these voices and more important how the impact on the worflow management

    d) The last one is a suggestion, how can I manage a Daily (and weekly) list of activities in one place that every day (week) I go to check if I've done it ? It seems would be a recurrent task grouped in a list ?

    I take this opportunity to make two request on PI users that I can't find on the manual:

    1) In Ipad version I can't find to have a single day view (as i see in iphone versione), If i use the icon "12" for this purpose It appears a weekly view.
    2) I can't find the way to order the Notes manually...

    Than you very much for any support.


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    I have created contexts for Someday Maybe and Waiting For. That aligns with the GTD book method, and also allows you to have actions that are both in a project and Someday Maybe / Waiting For.

    I don't use the Action categories of Next Action, Active Planning etc. Whilst it does seem to be a shame not to make use of all of the features in the app, it's not necessary either. I keep it simple and it's easier.

    Daily and weekly tasks - I use a separate app called "Checksheet" for these, I like the way that completed tasks can be made to disappear from the list (they are just hidden), and the list appears to get smaller the more you tick off.

    Notes - I think the notes section is still crap and haven't used it yet, I use an app called Awesome Note.