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Alternatives to Quickbooks Customer Manager (QBCM)

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  • Alternatives to Quickbooks Customer Manager (QBCM)

    I have been using the trial version of Quickbooks Customer Manager. It is a version 1 product and there are several limitations to it including lack of category association with todos. Otherwise this could be adapted for GTD on a desktop. I liked many of the features. Atleast I know what is it I would like in a project/contact/task management software.

    But this is a ver 1 software and does not integrate fully with Outlook. So I am looking for a software which has the following features. Appreciate if anybody have any inputs on these.

    Must haves:
    1. Contacts list
    2. Projects list that could be tied to contacts. Also one could create appointments and todos associated with that project and any of the contacts.
    3. A way to link files (any document) to a project and contact. This is critical.
    4. A todo list that displays contacts and projects associated with that action item (and preferably a category).
    5. Ability to sync with outlook.

    QBCM can do all these except syncing robustly with outlook.

    Thanks for your inputs,