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Which is the better software for Palm and Outlook 2003 Sync?

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  • Which is the better software for Palm and Outlook 2003 Sync?

    I am uncertain which is the better deal with best functionality- Has anyone had experience with the full versions of these?

    KeySuite 3.0 by Chapura ($70)
    Intellisync ($70)
    Beyond Contacts by DataViz ($30)

    It seems just from the specs that Beyond Contacts is a better system as it looks like Outlook and performs same basic functions as the other two but is less than half the price.

    Any input on these products to help in my decision making with my Palm m515? Any other software products to consider?

    Thanks for any input or suggestions.


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    I've tried them all and came to the conclusion that Keysuite is the way to go. Intellisync doesn't get you past the category limitations in the palm. Beyond Contacts was just way to SLOOOOOOWWWW! It took forever to move from screen to screen. Keysuite is awesome and it works very fast. It allows you to move from one Keysuite app to another without going out to the home screen on the palm.

    Hope that helps!


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      I agree with CoachMike

      KeySuite is the way to go on the Palm for the best Outlook compatibility - if you have the hardware to support it. On older Palms, it can also be rather slow, like BeyondContacts. Both are fine on faster OS5 devices but your Palm 515 is in a gray area and it'll be worth your while to try both out to see which works better for you.

      About the only differences, aside from price, are:

      - BC has a mail tool (irrelevant to me because I think the Palm is a problematic e-mail device) included in the suite and handles Office attachments nicely if you also have Documents to Go (version 6)

      - KeySuite supports hi-res+ screens on both Palm and Sony devices (irrelevant to you).

      - KeySuite has a more powerful method of attaching contacts to tasks and appointments and supports multiple contacts per item.


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        Thanks for the feedback... I am trying the free trial versions if they exist so as to get a feel for what they uniquely offer.


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          I couldn't imagine my Tungsten without KeySuite. I bought version 2.4, and upgraded for free to 3.0. It syncs fast and is a vast improvement over the native Palm Address app. Essentially, it's Outlook for Palm. I tried Intellisync in the past, it simply mapped the limited Palm fields to Outlook, there was no real increased functionality for the price. That wa sa couple of years ago, I can't speak for the current version. I am very satified with KeySuite.