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Managing List of People

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  • Managing List of People

    Hey GTD Community.

    I'm following GTD for years, and one thing I couldn't nail down yet: managing list of people.

    I meet a lot of random people daily, and I would like to have the information I get more organized. For example, yesterday I met some people in a party, many are friends of friends, and for most I have only their name. I would like to remember their relationship to my friends, their names, and some notes I write down about them.

    I would like to find a tool that would allow me to list those people, creating a network of people based on locations, interests, and more importantly their connection with other people.

    I am aware that this request is vague, so you could share how you guys file the name of the part-time worker of your local coffee shop, that you may see once a month or a year, but still would like to remember their name and some details.


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    This is reference material as far as I am concerned. The best way I've found to do this and have access to it anywhere is through Evernote. I sometimes take pictures of the type of people you are talking about and add tags, notes, etc. Or if they give me a business card a put a photo of that in Evernote. Or I might just record a voice note and tag that. In any event, i have what I need and it is searchable from any device I use even years from now.



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      Have you looked at Personal Brain?

      It's great for oddly interconnecting data like that.


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        If you have an iphone Evernote even has a special people oriented app called Hello.


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          Candid, you're a legend!

          Evernote Hello looks fantabulistic! Thanks ever so much. I am going to have to get it for sure! This is really how my brain works.


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            Mind maps also work well for this sort of thing.


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              Another tool worthwhile checking out for this is Highrise by 37signals. It's like a contact manager with a lot of features.

              The Hello app for Evernote does seem interesting. I might have to try it out too.


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                Thanks for the responses. I tried the suggestions here (apart from Highrise, just looking into it now), and didn't really find a good, intuitive one.

                The Evernot Hello is not useful. The idea is great, but at least at my iPhone it works poorly in terms of functionality.

                Could you recommend on a simple contact-manager that allows to attach tags into the contacts? Maybe for now that's what I need, especially if it has iPhone app integration/sync ability.


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                  Originally posted by AE Thanh View Post
                  Another tool worthwhile checking out for this is Highrise by 37signals. It's like a contact manager with a lot of features.
                  I double that suggestion. It is very good looking and intuitive web application, and it is designed exactly for managing list of people, keeping notes about them, etc..