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Do You Need Electronic A-Z if you have lookout

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  • Do You Need Electronic A-Z if you have lookout

    David recommends an a-z filing system for your reference (non-project) materials. I've recently installed lookout for outlook, and it's much quicker to just find a document using that tool than try to remember in which folder a document is (e.g., is a document for the public defender under "maricopa county public defender" ("M") or "defender" ("D").

    Has anyone using Lookout experimented with abandoning filing for non-project reference materials, just sticking stuff in a big folder called Reference?

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    It's a great idea but to me, there's still times where I'll want to research a project by category. Unless there's a word that consistently appears in a series of emails, I might not know it's there. So I still do some baseline filing in Outlook folders by client, project etc. But Lookout has allowed me to not worry quite so much about the exact proper place to stick things.


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      I still keep folders for projects. But, I also have reference folders for other stuff, a-z. That's what i was thinking of getting rid of.


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        I always read David's recommendation of A-Z filing as referring to physical, paper materials. No WAY would I attempt A-Z filing on electronic documents or email -- the search function finds those for me.