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    Hi there
    I'm working in an office preparing some workshops for employees to become more productive with lotus notes. I've been trying to replicate what I do on outlook 2003 on the system here and have come across a couple of problems so would love to see if anyone has a workaround.
    I'm so used to using the all day event in outlook because I work solo - as per the GTD method I use that for the day specific items - actions and info - but I see that it's not really possible to do that in a group situation. I tie up my whole calendar if I do that !!! So the alternative is to use reminders - the problem is that you have to set a 'time' for that reminder and if perhaps I have a situation spread over 3 weeks where a colleague is away and I just need mental notes to remember that on each of the days I don't want to have to keep clicking off the reminder alerts as they pop up for just 'need to know' info rather than something that's got to be done.
    Anyone suffered the same problem? Any ideas?
    Have spent a couple of weeks 'playing' on lotus now and am learning to like it a lot more despite dubious first impressions. It's interesting that now when I return to my outlook machine at home I sometimes get frustrated by it's limitations!!
    Seems there is not one single productivity tool that will ever be perfect even though we keep searching the planet trying to find one .....
    Notice how it is easy to feel happy with how we deal with paper... but dealing with digital input seems to have stronger 'bones' that are difficult to bend.

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    Try setting a zero duration appointment one that starts at say 0900 and finishes at 0900. It will appear on your organiser for that day. and you can copy and paste it to different days if the repeating pattern is to random for notes to handle. Just make sure you turn off the alarm.

    I'm not at work at the moment so I'll check it tomorrow and update this post.

    BTW what version of Notes are you using?


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      Dear Witna
      Thanks for the reply. I'm using 6.0.2 in the office.
      It didn't like your suggestion I'm afraid
      'duration error your start and end times result in a duratin that is less than 1 minute (soooo!!!!) - please check end date and time or time zone info. Duration result is 0)

      It's kind of frustrating. I just so much liked having all those important pieces of information at the top of my day rather than having to go in and set a 'reminder'.

      Look forward to hearing if you have a work around.

      cheers Helen


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        Hi Helen

        Suggestion #2!

        Create one Reminder with a very early time, I used 0100.
        Once its on your calender switch to the 31 day view in Notes
        The its back to DOS commands !!
        Single left click on your original reminder and ctrl + c
        Then single left click on the next date you want to create your reminder
        Dont double click youll change the view from the month to a two day view
        Use ctrl+v to paste your reminder
        Simply repeat for as many or as few days as you need.
        Once you're on a roll this is pretty quick

        Not very elegant but it works, well it does in 5.0.8 .......


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          sorry helen forgot to login before I posted


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            Have you tried checking the "pencil in" option?

            if you select the "pencil in" option (in the right upper corner), it should work.


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              it works!!!!

              Jens thanks!!!
              Sometimes you can't see the pencils for the trees!!
              You are a genius... Witna, thanks for hunting around for me also....
              Happy Friday all...



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                lotus all day events

                likewise in my excitement forgot to log in!!

                cheers Helen


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                  No worries....
                  Thanks Jens I'll try the Pencil in thingy too...wondered what it was for..


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                    Pencil in is like Tentative in Outlook. It won't dispay as "busy" time when someone else views your schedule, or give you a conflict warning when you try to schedule another appointment for that time. I use it to record training dates for my staff as well as for all-day events for things I don't actually have to be somewhere for, but I want to know about.