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Printing Tasks from Outlook (e.g. Projects, etc)

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  • Printing Tasks from Outlook (e.g. Projects, etc)


    I am a bit of a newbie here -- I purchased and installed the Outlook Instructions and created the GTD templates myself. I'm extremely happy and proud of where it is taking me.

    Question -- When I go to print out my task list, which includes my Project Categorie tasks, my notes (in which I have the steps I have outlined as next action steps to work through), they get lost in the print out because Outlook does not do a "word wrap" on each line.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I apologize if this is a repeat post; I'm not sure of the best way to work my way through all of the posts.

    Oh - lastly - I know that there is a special private section of the web site for people who purchased the software, but since I purchased only the instructions to build the same application that the software does, is there any way that I can get access to the other message board? Do I need it?



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    The forum for the add-in is not private


    You can read the posts in the add-in forum here:

    You do have to register at the forum if you want to post. There's no requirement that you buy the software to use the forum.