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Are there any good URL tickler programs?

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  • Are there any good URL tickler programs?

    For example: If you have a URL you want to revisit in a week or month. Or more commonly to make sure you only go to your favorite websites only twice a day. The software should allow you to launch them in groups as well. (basically a bookmark folder tickler ) A standalone program to launch them in your default browser would probably be best. Browser plugins and extensions can get messed up when updating browsers.

    The program should also tell you the last time you launched the website. And how long until it is tickled.

    Also the program should have a little spot to add a note for the link or group of links.

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    Here's how you do it w/o a special program:
    Set up a folder bookmark called 'daily comics' in your browser.
    Put the appropriate url's in the folder.
    Put a daily repeating reminder in your system
    to look at your daily comics.
    In some browsers, you can open all the url's
    in a folder at once in tabs.
    Check off the action when done.