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OS X Mountain Lion mail app - view all gmail @waitingfor

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  • OS X Mountain Lion mail app - view all gmail @waitingfor

    I have multiple gmail addresses. How can I view the @waitingfor for all of them in the left window pane?

    At the moment I have to click "Show" and "Hide" for each individual email account which is a bit cumbersome.

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    There are a few ways you might try. Perhaps the easiest is to use the the flags.

    Choose a flag to designate @waitingfor. I'll say Red for this explanation. Once you have marked at least one message with the Red flag, you will find a Red Flag folder in the left window pane. It will be labeled Red, but you can Control-click the label and re-name it @waitingfor. Every message you mark with the Red flag will now show in this @waitingfor folder regardless of its account.

    Hope this helps.