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Handsfree voicenotes on Android

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  • Handsfree voicenotes on Android

    I am looking for a way of capturing voicenotes with my android phone and have the audio file automatically emailed to myself just by using the button on my headset. I have been using google voice actions and it is almost perfect. I can launch it with a long press on the headset, I then create a note to self, but I have to then take the phone out to tap send.

    I have tried Vocanote, Voicenote and Skyvi, but either they are buggy or don't have the ability to do what I want.

    Anyone know of such an app?


    Vocanote has started behaving itself now (was not talking to me before) and at first seemed to meet my needs. I could launch it with a longpress on the headset button using an app called Headset Droid and have it start recording automatically. But after I have recorded a voicenote, the app still is running so if try to envoke it for a second note it doesn't record automatically. So close!

    Update 2:

    Have just installed another version of Vocanote called One-touch Voice Note and it has an autoclose feature. So, if used in conjunction with Headset Droid, it performs very well, and the voice dictation is very accurate so far.

    Update 3: The new One-touch Voice Note not only added autoclose, they got rid of the attached WAV feature!! Very frustrating
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