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  • pocket informant today view

    I've recently started using pocket informant (synced to toodledo and google calendar) on my iPad and iPhone for my personal GTD (at work I'm an outlook user). Having the Calendar and next actions in the same app seems far more GTD consistent to me than other apps). The main thing I'd like to be able to do is sort by context in the today view. does anyone know if this is possible? I haven't been able to figure it out

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    I use Pocket Informant for the same reason. Unfortunately no, I haven't found a way to sort by context in the Today view.
    Do you use the next action list or just work off the context lists?


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      at the moment I am just working off context lists. I haven't played around with the projects and next action functionality yet. Do you use it?


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        Previously I only used the context lists and only put next actions there. But now I am looking at changing so I add in future actions also, and work off the next actions list sorted by context.