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Help choosing app for GTD (IOS + PC)

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  • Help choosing app for GTD (IOS + PC)

    I'm in the process of reevaluating software for GTD because i've decided to switch from android to the iphone. I already have an ipad. I know the standard which everything is compared to is Omnifocus but Omnifocuses' cloud part is weak. I want to be able to manage everything from my PC (windows too. The current app i use on android (ultimate to-do list) is really nothing more than a glorified task manager. I want an app that is more closely aligned with GTD.

    I don't mind paying for the app but i shouldn't have to pay $10-$20 per year for syncing.

    The cloud version can be tooledo but it would be nice if they own (usually looks a lot nicer). Tooledo is pretty generic looking (especially the way some of these apps make a mess of things on the tooledo side) but at least i could be somewhat productive on a pc

    Here are some of the features i would like:
    Sync with IOS Calander / Google Calander.
    Sync with IOS Reminders would also be nice.

    Apps i've looked at:
    "Action Lists" - Interface seems very good and app seems well aligned to GTD Principles.
    Things - Like Omnifocus no cloud version.
    ActionAgenda - this app seems really nice and has a nice price too. I really lilke how it integrates your task + Calender.
    ToDo - looked like another glorified task manager

    Any advice / help would be appreciated.

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    I am an Apple guy...iPhone, iPad and Mac. Work supplies a desktop PC.

    I use the apple calendar and sync it with gmail. For everything else I use Evernote. Evernote is available as an app and works well on both the iPhone and iPad and I can also use it on the desktop. I can't get things simpler than that.

    For Evernote I use a lot of what suggests.


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      Honestly, I would stick with Toodledo. It's very flexible and works well. It also plays well with others, and exports nicely if you want to try something else. I've tried the others you've mentioned and quickly rejected them. Toodledo may not be your ultimate best answer, but it's still my best suggestion for pc + iOS.


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        I've been using the Mac OS and iOS to organize my GTD system for some time now. OmniFocus is the core of my system.

        But if I was forced to use a PC with an iOS device I'd try to lean on iCloud and Evernote.

        Because I've gotten used to Calendar (formerly iCal) I would try to use that tool for my calendar. On the PC I would use the web version of iCloud to see my calendar (that would work, right?). I'd probably do the same for Contacts and Mail.

        For action lists I would start with Evernote and use one notebook for Next Actions by context (a note for each context) and another notebook for my Projects list (a note for each project) and a third notebook for Someday/Maybe (a note for each thing).

        I haven't done thorough research but it's an option.