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File Pacs from Levenger

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  • File Pacs from Levenger

    Does anyone use the File Pacs from Levenger? I have been using a set of travel folders (mentioned in the book) but I am not yet satisfied with the traveling case I use. I am currently using a plastic expanding file with no dividers inside. I have the plastic file-jacket folders tucked in it and I love those! I looked at the traveling In-box and File-Pacs in the Levengers catalog. I was thinking I might be able to get by with just a single File-Pac. All I need to put in it is a couple of pens, small legal pad, post-its and the 5 plastic 'file-jacket' folders which hold a few papers in each and 2-3 magazines. Would all that fit in a File-Pac? Does anyone have a better suggestion?

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    No better suggestion , just an endorsement for the Levenger travelling in box --it's great ! High Quality like every other levenger product I've purchased. I use their double sided file jackets with it


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      I use the Levenger filepacs. I actually have two: one holds my In folder, a Read/Review folder, an Action Support folder, and Return to Office and Return Home folders. When I'm in the office, that filepac goes in a filestand on the credenza behind my desk (within swivel distance). When I leave the office, it goes in the briefcase/pack I carry around. My second filepac holds a clear plastic folder with pockets, etc., that I got at Target -- it holds refills for my Notetaker wallet and my Rotring pen, stamps, my checkbook, extra business cards, return address labels for home and work, envelopes, and some of those cards Levenger sells printed with your name and address at the top (good for quick thank you's, etc.). It sounds like a lot, but it's not -- that second filepac and its contents live in my briefcase/pack.


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        I have file pacs and the travelling inboxes, I like 'em a lot, but I did wait until some discontinued colors were available on their website. Much better at half price. I have set up one travelling inbox as my travelling tickler file, and the other is travelling project support material (contains a filepac for single papers).

        Between home, school, work, and being away from home at least two nights a week, being able to pick up and go is critical for me. I use the other filepacs for files I know will be hauled around and have some wear and tear. For example, when I was setting up a friend's web site, all the project support materials for that lived in the filepac which stayed in my briefcase, rather than being filed in the filing cabinet.