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    I own some Coach stock (symbol COH). It's done very well these last few years. (I am not bragging, I've lost more than I've made with my stock market investing.)

    Two weeks ago I was checking out how Coach's price per share was doing when I saw an article by Motley Fool. There was nothing of interest to me in that article about Coach. But that article also discussed Franklin Covey. Their assessment was that FC just did not adapt quickly enough to the onslaught of the PDAs.

    If the PDA is the cause of FC's downfall it could be the cause of DA's ascendancy. I started GTD without a PDA. But it was awkward and cumbersome. It can be done and, it seems, it was done by DA pre-PDA. But I cannot imagine GTD gaining any kind of widespread popularity without PDAs being in existence.

    GTD works a lot better with a PDA than without. And PDAs work a lot better with GTD than without.

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    GTD in the dim ages

    I first tried GTD around 1990, when David was using Time Design. In many ways, the mid-tech TD binder was easier. There were lmitless attachments allowing you to keep all your support documentation inside the binder. I even had a 5-hole punch that also clipped into the binder. It was certainly easier to write directly onto a page in the TD than to graphiti into a Palm.

    Today, with my workplace based in Outlook and the need to sync between home and work computers, a paper based system has some limitations, but I do beleive that I was better at GTD with my TD binder. I took the seminar again last year and David demonstrates how to use GTD with $15 of stationary supplies from Staples. It's all about listing the NA's in the right context.


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      I was having trouble with my PDA and thought, "Hey, I'll just go back to paper!" I ordered a TD binder and inserts and began chaning everything over from Outlook. But I could only use paper for a few weeks before I had to go out and buy a new PDA and sync up again with Outlook. It's just so much easier and quicker to stay organised with a PDA that with the binder. Now the TD binder sits on my desk unused.


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        still loving paper

        What binder and forms do you have I might take it off your, shelf