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Team tool for sharing GTD projects and tasks via Web

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  • Team tool for sharing GTD projects and tasks via Web

    I'd like to ask if anyone knows of a Web-based tool or systems approach for sharing projects and tasks across a team using GTD.

    We have a lot of tasks that are being handled in a lot of projects across a 6-person team. Many of them are logged today in an Excel spreadsheet on a shared network drive that we review as a team, or they’re happening via disparate emails. If I manage all projects, they would all be based in my Outlook, but I'd like to have others own the projects, and let the whole team see the status and tasks associated with a project via one central Web-based location.

    For example, let’s say we have a project with multiple tasks associated with it. Is there a Web-based GTD package that would let us centrally manage and share the project, and assign and track completion of tasks using a Web page or Web-based GTD app? Even if individuals have to double-enter some tasks in Outlook, it would help us to have a central place to see everything. I am checking-out"Get it Done"

    Does anyone have another, better solution? Thanks very much for any insights or experiences you can share.

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    There are a number of web-based project management systems designed for use by groups. I'm not aware of any that are GTD-specific but I'm sure there would be enough flexibility in many of these to include your own GTD processes.

    One that I've heard good things about is Basecamp - it's mature and feature-rich yet quite straigh-forward to use.