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Has anyone used GQueues?

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  • Has anyone used GQueues?

    I have been looking into software options for GTD. I use Google for email and calendar, but don't like their task tool. I want software that syncs with my iPhone, PC and Google. After searching online, GQueues looks like a good choice for me. Has anyone used this software before?

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    I have used it - I used it for a couple of months - at least a year ago, if not more. I actually liked it; but then I decided that I wasn't engaging enough with my "stuff" because I could just whack it into a system online almost [I]too[I] quickly...

    But from what I remember, it was pretty intuitive, and I never had any issues with it syncing on my iPhone. It had enough functionality (and some good video tutorials) that you could go as "vanilla" or as customised as you'd want. But I've never used OmniFocus or any of the high-powered, fee-based electronic list managers, so your mileage may vary!


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      I used Gqueues for quite a while. It is one of the better online list managers. It was a little slower than some and sometimes it would hang a bit before it accepted my change. Ultimately, i returned to OF.


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        I used it probably longer than I've used any other digital task manager. I love the two way integration with Google calendar which is the best out there, and the keyboard shortcuts and other features are really comprehensively covered. No native mobile apps though which meant I had to reluctantly use another program. I know the developer has started work on an Android app though, so when that's up and running I'll probably take it up like a shot.


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          If your setup is correct, they should appear in the Reminder's app of your iphone. They will all be together in the "Task" list, but you can create other lists in your iphone which will also be created as a new Task Folder in Outlook. Categories do not seem to work, so you have to manually change your task from lets say At Home to Waiting for. Hope this helps.


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            I have been very tempted to try it out. It seems appealing and powerful in many, many ways. But there are a few things that I find it very hard to accept, perhaps mainly:
            • Dates: It has only one date, called "due date", which seems to be intended by the developer as a "do date" (aka calendar action date, e.g an appointment etc), which is not what I need most in my app, which means I would have to devise a workaround for using this date as what I really need most, which is a GTD tickler date (aka "start date", i.e. a hidden-until date). I would also need to devise my own workaround for "real" due dates (aka "deadline" dates), if I were to decide not to manage those manually by simply writing the deadline date, if any, in the task name.
            • GTD lists: Nothing built in. I would have to use tags (aka contexts) to implement workarounds for separating Next, Waiting, Someday, Calendar, Tickler etc. In fact it has no other task "parameters" than tags and the "due date" (e.g. no priority, no energy, no duration, no nothing built in).
            • Grouping and sorting: Since it has no other parameters than the "tags", and if you then use tags for absolutely everything you want parameters for - e.g. a few tags for different priorities, a few tags for different contexts, a few tags for different "statuses" like Next, Waiting etc - then your grouping and sorting ("group by Tag" ) obviously will not work
            • Tags and smart lists (called smart queues in Gqueues): Even GQueues has all kinds of filtering options it still has no way of excluding tasks that have certain selected tags. This is essential for minimizing tagging work, and is something that both Toodledo and RTM have in their smart lists.
            Does anyone have good workarounds for those things? Something that would make it worthwhile to try it out?

            EDIT: I have played with it a bit myself since I wrote this initial post, and have found it difficult to get around these difficulties, but I have also found some additional nice touches here and there. A fine program, even though it is not quite for me.
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