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Nirvana is well...Nirvana for me!

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  • Nirvana is well...Nirvana for me!

    I spent much of Friday afternoon transferring my entire GTD system from Evernote to Nirvana. I'm sure anyone who has jumped from one platform to another can agree this is not a move you want to do on a regular basis!

    A little background. I've been using Evernote for well over a year...I've been into GTD for well under a year. As I learned more about GTD I was attracted to The Secret Weapon because of my familiarity with Evernote. I added my own slant to what The Secret Weapon suggested but for the most part, I was inline with what they offered.

    What I loved about Evernote? A great user interface whether on the desktop platform or mobile devise...specifically for me; iPad and iPhone. (I really like their recent app update.) What I disliked? Projects. Evernote didn't offer me a simple way to create a project.

    A friend/co-worker became interested in Nirvana. He is a Droid user as well as PC based. He was getting more and more into Nirvana and he committed to a yearly subscription.

    I checked out Nirvana but didn't find the mobile apps that user friendly. I loved the PC desktop version though so I kept looking at the mobile apps. I added a couple of test Projects and Next Actions but struggled with ease of use.

    I decided to begin a commitment to Nirvana. I checked out their forums and saw the developers were active in improving the product. They have a committed group of users who are helpful in sharing on the forum. I signed up for a yearly membership.

    As I stated at the beginning; on Friday I brought everything into Nirvana and have left Evernote completely empty. Here is what I have found. Nirvana is THE system for me. I mean, why didn't I see this before? The mobile app is very user friendly. I LOVE creating Projects in Nirvana. Each task within the Project can be a Next Action or a Someday and still be within the Project. I am finding more and more cool things about the app.

    If you've checked out Nirvana before and are not completely in love with your current platform I would suggest taking another look. I don't think I could create a better system. (Not that I have any ability to...just that if I could create such a thing I feel they have it done perfectly.)

    No, I don't work at Nirvana. As I reread this post I feel like this is a commercial! I just wanted to share my excitement for finding a platform that allows me to fully implement GTD in a user friendly system.