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Describe how you use Bonsai

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  • Describe how you use Bonsai

    I've start using a Palm PDA with the "vanilla" built-in apps to implement my GTD system. However, I'm not happy using Memos to track my projects. I personally prefer using an outliner with a strong desktop application. As a result, I'm experimenting with Bonsai.

    I know a lot of people use Bonsai on the Palm for GTD. I'd like to know more details about your approches. For instance

    a) How many outlines do you have?
    b) How do you layout your outline? For instance, where do you put the reference material and NAs?
    c) Are you using categories?
    d) Are you using Bonsai in combination with other apps, like a Todo list? From other posts I've read, it seems people use Bonsai to manage their projects and build lists of NAs and then selectively link some NAs into a To Do list during review? Is this helpful? Why not just use Bonsai as the To Do list (perhaps with filters to view only upcoming NAs in the next day, week, month, etc)?
    e) When would it be useful to link to the datebook?

    Here's what I started doing:

    a) 2 outlines at first. One for Active Projects and the other for Someday/Maybe Projects. These are in the unfiled category.

    b) and c) I'm using the basic To Do outline template. In each outline, the top-level nodes are the names of the project. Any reference material and the outcome statement are in the notes section. All the NAs would listed as leaf nodes. I'm using categories as GTD contexts. For example:

    Project 1 - Visit friend in XYZ [category unfiled]
    - Research airfaire to XYZ [category @computer]
    - Purchase ticket to XYZ [category @computer]
    - Buy gift for friend [category @errands]
    - Pack [category @home]
    - Reserve airport taxi [category @calls]
    - Etc...
    Project 2 - Next project...
    Project 3 - Yet another project...

    d) I haven't decided if I should link NAs to the ToDo app or just use filters
    e) I haven't tried link to the datebook

    Thanks in advance. I'm looking forward to hearing your good ideas

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    Using Bonsai

    Hello Guest --

    I too am leaning towards using Bonsai as the GTD tool. What you state is the way I'm thinking of going. Though this post is a little old, I was hoping maybe to breath some life into it and see if we could get some feedback on this.

    Thanks in advance to everyone for such.

    -- Jeffrey W. Cox


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      Bonsai works great for me. I have 4 outlines - projects, areas of focus, goals/visions and someday maybe. I use categories for context based next actions e.g. @office, @calls. I simply put notes in the note section of the title of each project - together with the purpose/outcome and then put next actions as a child of the parent (project). This is great for linking projects and NAs (simply turn off the filter to see a next action in project context).

      The only downsides are that I cant link calender items using the desktop version.


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        Forgot to say that I reccomend using bonsai + filters for the todo list. Why botehr going outside Bonsai when it does it for you? Also try using keywords - I allocate projects to areas of focus using keywords - meaning that you can find a given project that much faster.

        All I want for bonsai to be perfect is a calender link on desktop and the ability to attach files to todo's or simple tasks.