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Need a simple task list recommendation

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  • Need a simple task list recommendation

    Hello! I would like some Application advice. I have been using Google Tasks for my task list and it has been functional but I am sure there is a better solution. It doesn't need to handle projects, nested hierarchies, due dates, priorities or calendar integration. What I do need more than anything is an autosyncing Android application with a nice scrollable widget (currently using Gtask as my phone app). If it is an application, it needs to be Windows, if it is browser based, it needs to be able to work in Chrome. That is about it, thanks!

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    You could try Astrid. It's pretty comprehensive and I think that's one that has a scrolling widget, although that would need to be confirmed.


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      Very good, I will check it out. I tried a few years ago, but I wasn't doing GTD then, so didn't really know what to look for. Thanks!


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        Originally posted by Vance View Post
        if it is browser based, it needs to be able to work in Chrome. That is about it, thanks!
        Do you know Toodledo?


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          Originally posted by clango View Post
          Do you know Toodledo?
          I would have recommended Toodledo also, but I'm not familiar with the Android apps that sync with it. Toodledo is in general a pretty good choice for people who use multiple platforms.


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            Ultimate To Do List syncs Android to Toodledo, works well for me. I use the website from Chrome on computer.


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              Another recommendation for Toodledo

              You can make Toodldo as simple or as complex as you want. And for syncing on an Android device, there is nothing better than Ultimate To Do List.