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What value, wireless E-Mail? To process or not to process?

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  • What value, wireless E-Mail? To process or not to process?

    Like many of you, I use my PDA to handle quick e-mail and calendar reference when I am mobile and my laptop is otherwise inaccessible. Having my e-mail and calendar updates wirelessly pushed to me has been invaluable. I agree with David, that processing email is [currently] usually best done at the computer, but it should not have to be that way.

    It is time for vendors to provide adequate tools so that we can process our information where we are. There's simply no excuse for not having categories or folders that sync back to the desktop. Why do some tools still make action management on a mobile device so difficult? Because they still don't get it. Until they do, or until someone comes out with a better solution, we will still be here, discussing work-arounds.

    My measure of success in evaluating a new technology or productivity tool is the degree to which it becomes transparent to the actual work being done, and the level of productivity that is gained as a result. A doctor should not have to think about his scalpel or stethoscope; neither should a writer have to think about his pen or legal pad.

    In the same way, a knowledge worker should not have to think about his information processing tools. Any time he does, he robs himself of the opportunity to get his real work done.
    Inspired by people's comments and questions about processing email on a wireless device, I've posted my own $.02 on processing wireless e-mail on my blog.

    I would like to know what you think. Maybe some of the developers and manufacturers are lurking in this forum and would care to respond directly.

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    Hey Eric

    Have a look at mNotes by Cadenza at my reading of it is that it can be used over a WiFi network but dont take my word.

    I have been using it to Sync to my Palm and I am just about to buy it because it does sync folders as well as the in box. There is a bit of set up initially as you have to select each folder in your Notes view but the level of control of what you sync and dont sync is excellent.

    There is a developers toolkit called mForms that may interest you.


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      Processing of email on a PDA: there may be hope yet...

      W_i_t_n_a, I just checked their web site, and it does indicate "Full folders and multiple mail file support." This is very encouraging. From their web site, it appears that they also support "Push" (from MAPI clients only), and they do offer to sync wirelessly. These are promising starts.

      If these features indeed work as advertised, then all I would need is a copy-into, to allow me to quickly take an email and convert it into an action or a calendar entry. Armed with this capability, the bar of processing email on a mobile device would be raised significantly.

      One of the attractive features of the Blackberry has always been its nearly instant and seamless push of email & calendar. For Palm users, iAnywhere does that very well, too. I will add the Cadenza product to my "to review" list and have another look. It's been a while since I reviewed it. Thanks.


      PS. It is encouraging to see your response. I'm going to ask some of the device & software vendors that I work with to respond, too. I want to see if we can help them see the value of GTD on a mobile device. I hope they respond.