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    I seem to be on Stupid Saturday here, but figured you would be patient with another 'am I missing something' question!

    I have an iPAQ something (it doesn't have any numbers on it!) and I thought I would get some of the files I've made in Notepad from the web to read later, put them on my iPAQ and then the next time I'm in a queue or whatever I'd have something to read.

    Well, it seems to work with diddy files (like 1 & 2mb) but not with anything bigger. I'm putting the files in the pocketpc folder which seems to tell the computer I want them synched but then it crashes.

    Am I doing something wrong.. or did I just assume I could do something I can't?

    thanks for your help


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    don't use the built in software to read books

    If you made files in Notepad, then you are probably trying to open them on you ipaq with PocketWord.


    PocketWord isn't that great of a program for reading files. You should use a dedicated reader.

    And I DO NOT recommend Microsoft Reader.

    Use uBook. It is free and I've opened files on it up to 12MB. It can handle more, I'm sure, but I just don't have text files that large.

    Get it here:

    You want the one that says "µBook Pocket PC / 2002 / 2003 (Windows CE 3.0+) Download"

    Be warned, while this is an awesome program, the navigation and default skin are a bit funky. Once you open a file, though, you're all set.