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Hackmaster and Palm- should I even bother?

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  • Hackmaster and Palm- should I even bother?

    I am finding some basic utilities/applications for my Palm (m515) require a Hack to install them. (for instance an enhanced Expense program) There is contraversy about these Hackmaster software programs and was wondering any thoughts on

    1. To hack or not to hack? Pros and Cons?
    2. Which "Hack" program is the best bang for the buck?
    3. What personal expense tracking software for PC/Palm do you recommend?

    Any 411 is appreciated.



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    I like Tealmaster. It's not free, but is very stable. You can order which hack has precedence. You can also set up different hack profiles.

    If you stick with just a few hacks, you shouldn't see any problems with them. You can have conflicts between hacks and that's probably where they get a bad reputation.

    I'm not sure what sort of personal expense program you are looking for. As far as basic financial management, I like both Splash Money & Accounts and Loans. I've also used Pocket Quicken successfully.


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      Thanks Teri

      I will probably try Pocket Quicken


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        Finance programs

        Pocket Quicken is great if you do all your work in Quicken and just want to sync quick entries from your Palm to the PC. When I moved over to the Mac, I wasn't able to get it to work correctly with the Mac Quicken version (and this was a problem with Quicken for the Mac, which was dreadful.)

        I still use Splash Money, since I can sync .qif files to it and export from it in .qif format. It also has a nice budgeting feature too. I like the simple interface on Accounts & Loans. I still have a license kicking around for All Money, but stopped using that one early on.

        For those of you who are double entry fans, there's a free program called Free Coins. Nice program and seems stable, even for a beta. Since I've never used MS Money, I can't recommend anything for use with it.


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          Hackmaster has gotten a bad rap on the PalmOne forum where I also posted my query. Perhaps you have the better version of it. The consensus elsewhere has been XMASTER - if I chose to hack at all-- familiar with that one?

          I want to keep my Palm as simple as possible but some of the hacks really do seem to enhance the functionality of it.

          Thanks for sharing... now that's one vote for Hackmaster


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            xmaster is good

            I've always used a few hacks. I the beginning it was hackmaster, but I had some problems with it. I saw a lot of recommendations for the (free) XMaster and downloaded that one. Haven't had a single problem with that one, recommended.

            The hacks I'm using are laptophack and switchhack, btw.

            Reinout van Rees


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              I use XMaster 1.5 dated 2002. It has been troublefree, and I run Pop! ( incredibly useful), AfterBurner Hack, LookupHack ( works nicely with Pop! )